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From the first 30 minutes of my interview at BS&A, I knew that I would love working with this company. I remember listening to the goals and motives behind BS&A in that interview, and just thinking that this was finally a company I could really connect with. A company that was just as dedicated to performance as I was, if not more.

Over the past year, I have gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge in regards to customer relations, in addition to, technical prowess. I am consistently challenged to expand my skillsets and push my practical limitations. As a result, I have become far more self-motivated then I ever even thought possible. Our management at BS&A does nothing but encourage all employees to succeed in their strengths. They have no issues in attempting to find the perfect role to suit each employee’s skill sets.

I cannot speak more highly of the environment that those that have come before me have worked so hard to create here at BS&A. Each individual that works here is simply cut from a different cloth. We are truly a family to both each other, as well as to our growing customer base. Each day I come into work, I take pride in that fact.

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When I think of BS&A, the first thing I think of is their customer service. I have had very few occasions when I have needed their help, as the BS&A program and training are so good. The few times I have needed help they have always been courteous, helpful, and very prompt. BS&A is not like some of the horror stories I had heard in the past, where you go back and forth between whether it’s a hardware or software issue, and never get help resolving the issue. They help you get the issues resolved.
Oceana County, MI
Oceana County Building Department

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