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In today's difficult economic environment, the need for efficiency within your Community Development Department has never been higher.

Why is it that we still see inspectors in the field writing up inspection notes and violations on scraps of paper, only to have to re-enter those notes into the office computer?

BS&A changes that with the arrival of our Field Inspection .NET application.

BS&A's Field Inspection .NET application uses checklists, handwriting recognition, quick text features, and common word lists to enable inspectors to quickly and efficiently complete inspections.

Once the inspection is complete, inspectors can easily send results to the main database. With the press of a button, contractors, homeowners, licensees, and internal departments are notified of the results via text message or e-mail. Additionally, a conventional repair letter can be printed automatically.

BS&A's Building Department application offers a flexible repository of your department’s property-based records. Here, you can track property information, projects, permits, occupancies, enforcement actions, certifications, variances, bonds, transactions, letters, images, comments, and external attachments.

The following efficiency tools help you keep your processes up-to-date: 

  • Reminders: The application will remind you to revisit records when necessary. 
  • Workflow: Based on your workflow preferences, the application can automatically generate e-mails, letters, and text messages. Additionally, it will schedule inspections and add fees/reminders when appropriate. You can also set the workflow system to ask questions mid-process (“Would you like to schedule a re-inspection?”). 
  • Flags: Flags mark a property or contractor with a flashing note. 
  • Management of Stop Work Orders: When an SWO has been placed on a property in the Field Inspection .NET app, a parallel SWO can be applied to that same property in the Building Department .NET app. This will prevent any new activity on that property until the SWO is resolved. 
  • E-mail and text messaging 
  • Letter generator: Letter templates allow you to generate all of your correspondence with one click. As the letter is generated, a copy of the correspondence is saved to the property’s history. 
  • Images: Unlimited images can be added to your inspection and property histories, and multiple images can be added simultaneously. The Field Inspection application lets you connect directly to your tablet’s built-in camera, or to a USB camera, to bring images of your code enforcements directly into the software. 
  • External attachments: Keep track of drawings and any other type of document.

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BSA’s Assessing software is the industry leader. This is due in large part to stay ahead of the technology curve and give assessor’s the tools they need to do their job better and faster. We are currently on Assessing.NET. The comparative sales analysis and GIS integration have been incredible tools for us at board of review time and has literally cut our staff’s overtime in half.
Matthew Dingman, City Assessor

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