Miscellaneous Receivables

The BS&A Miscellaneous Receivables application easily handles receivables that fall outside the scope of normal tax and utility billings. Recurring invoices can be set up, eliminating the need to manually enter repetitive billings.

Recurring Invoices

Recurring invoices can be quickly generated in batches, eliminating the need to manually create each invoice.

Bad Debt Write-off

Past due accounts determined to be uncollectable may be written off by creating the appropriate bad debt expense entry in BS&A GL/Budgeting.

Penalty Assessment

Flexible process assesses penalties based on a percentage, flat amount, or table of percentages/amounts calculated on number of days past due.


The process of sending unpaid receivables to collection includes the ability to account for them using a separate general ledger number.

Quick View of Electronic Check Request Status

Within the Miscellaneous Receivables application, a user can quickly ascertain: a) if a check request has been converted to an invoice for payment; b) the converted invoice has been paid; c) if the check has been cleared by the bank. This can be done without accessing the Accounts Payable application.


Credits may be applied to a customer’s account, whether for overpayment or to adjust the amount billed on an invoice.

Lienable Billing Items

Billing items considered lienable may be transferred to the customer’s property tax bill by way of a Wizard that handles all aspects of the process, including adjustment creation on the customer’s accounts and reclassification of the receivable balance in GL/Budgeting.

Aging Reports

Reconcile the outstanding balance by general ledger number as of a given date with the corresponding balance in GL/Budgeting.

Check Requests

Refunding an overpayment to a customer is done through an electronic check request process with BS&A Accounts Payable, eliminating the need for the AP clerk to hand-enter the invoice for payment. Users can quickly ascertain the status of the check without having to consult with the Accounts Payable clerk.

Comprehensive Collection of Built-in Reports… and a Free Report Writer

Why purchase a financial management system only to then invest more time creating the reports you need? BS&A’s applications come with an extensive list of flexible and easily-customizable reports.

A powerful Report Writer is included at no charge, giving you the ability to create reports you find necessary for your jurisdiction.

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