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Angola, Indiana

The City of Angola, Indiana was seeking to add a building department application to their financial system. A robust building application was important, but even more so was the integration between each module. The city has big community development plans over the next several years, and they determined that they needed new financial management software in order to achieve their goals.

Another key need for the city was to be more closely linked with their county. They’ve partnered with Steuben County on making improvements to city streets and county roads, and will soon be linking Pokagon State Park with the city through a new recreational trail. With a rapidly developing community, it was important for Angola’s building department application to be linked with both their financial management system and Steuben County’s GIS system.

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Clark County, Ohio

Clark County, Ohio is in the upper 25% of population and budgeted dollars in the state. Its economy is fairly stable financially, with a low unemployment rate. The County is one of its larger employers, with over 1,200 full- and part-time employees. It utilized local VMS software operated by ISSG in Springboro, Ohio. This was purchased in 1995 and implemented in 1998. VMS was to be converted to a Windows-based system, but the vendor never provided any updates other than minor ones needed to keep the system operable. The over-abundance of paper and storage of documents, as well as a need for a better way to track and report incoming and outgoing dollars, were factors in causing the County to look at new software.

Along with BS&A, the County evaluated Local Company Software Solutions, Inc. and Tyler Munis as possible vendors. “We chose BS&A because we believed they would meet and exceed our needs at the time of implementation. Another factor was that the software would be updated regularly and more than likely still in place come 20 years from now. The BS&A staff who demonstrated the software was knowledgeable of the inner workings of the software and did not have to rely on support staff to answer questions we posed to them, and the software was well liked by the customers we contacted as well as visited to view in action. BS&A was also able to demonstrate decentralization of services where the other vendors said they could, but their users were hesitant to agree…the site visits did not show the decentralization working in the field for other vendors, but it did work with BS&A.” – Bob Venderhorst

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Cole County, Missouri

Cole County was looking to replace their antiquated AS400 financial management system with an updated system that offered deeper integration, a paperless process, and the ability to approve invoices, journal entries, and more online. Cole County selected BS&A and quickly realized that their import/export processes, integration, and user-friendliness greatly excelled over their prior system.

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Cooper City, Florida

Cooper City, Florida is a bedroom community, and the city is working toward keeping it that way. The city’s prior system was not integrated, the support fees were costly with very little return, and the system was antiquated. Cooper City began searching for a user-friendly, integrated, and updated system that their staff was comfortable using. Flexibility was something that Cooper City needed, and BS&A delivered both that and a dedicated customer support team that has a solution to every question. After evaluating two other competitors, Cooper City’s committee unanimously selected BS&A.

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Greenfield, Wisconsin

Greenfield, Wisconsin has been working hard at making their city a destination for the surrounding area, and the State of Wisconsin alike. In order to continue pushing for progress, they city realized that they needed to update their financial management system in order to achieve their goals. Their prior system was antiquated and the updates did not truly improve the system. From the IT and support teams to the back end of the system, everything was slow and cumbersome. When asked about her impression of BS&A, Paula Schafer said, “BS&A is the software of the future.”

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Gulf Breeze, Florida

Gulf Breeze, FL was seeking a financial management system that replace it’s “one size fits all” expensive legacy financial software, while giving municipal offices flexible tools at a low price point. After reviewing 12 offers, Gulf Breeze selected BS&A for the flexibility of the program, intuitive design, cost-efficiency, and superior customer service.

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Hutchinson, Wisconsin

The City of Hutchinson began searching for new software that provided the same or expanded functionality, without substantially increasing costs. BS&A stepped in and beat out 5 other vendor’s solutions. Hutchinson chose BS&A for functionality, ease of use, numerous happy customers, greater efficiency, and primarily for the outstanding support staff.

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North Little Rock, Arkansas

The City of Little Rock, Arkansas is a diverse, middle-class community with a population growth of less than 2%, mainly in apartment housing. The City had been using Mainstreet since 1999. Because Mainstreet had no plans for enhancements or new versions, the City decided to look for a new software solution that would share data, and have robust reporting and document imaging.

During the review process, the City looked at Tyler Technology, Harris, and BS&A. “We selected BS&A Software because the price and satisfaction of the product met our desired specifications. BS&A demonstrated that the applications would provide data sharing across different modules, ease of reporting, menu of reports already in place, and a competitive price for both the purchase and annual maintenance.” – Karen Scott

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Overland, Missouri

The City of Overland, Missouri needed to bring its accounting software into the 21st century. Governmentor was antiquated, not user-friendly, and very limited in reporting and access. The new software had to be user-friendly, allow department heads to access information, and provide seamless integration between department software and users.

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Woodstock, Georgia

The City of Woodstock, Georgia needed to implement fully-integrated software with one database. The desired software needed to handle police and fire overtime and utility billing efficiencies, and needed to provide improved reporting. After the staff reviewed seven software providers, including Tyler Munis, New World, and SpringBrook, BS&A was awarded the project. Expanding on his earlier comments, Robert stated, “BS&A was selected because it was able to demonstrate the seamless GIS interface with Community Development. Woodstock also stressed that customization was important, as well as responsive support. Finally, BS&A’s pricing was in line with competitors and the support costs were disclosed to eliminate any surprises regarding final cost.”

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