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Absolutely, the Field Inspection module has completed, and is the most valuable asset to, our multi-year digital transition process. First year implementation of digital documents and attachments to the BS&A Building Department System worked wonderfully. However, we soon discovered a problem with the massive amounts of data entry required.

As staff reductions through attrition increased, we began to notice our lag time increase to several weeks for data entry, and hand-writing an inspection record - leaving for office staff to scan and attach - became time-consuming and difficult to accomplish. We also found that IF the inspector returned to the office with some additional inspection or enforcement record information to complete, it never got done due to distractions.

Field Inspection has allowed us to perform, enter, complete, AND communicate results to permit holders and others from the (inspection) site. Field Inspection combined with in-vehicle printing and broadband internet access has revolutionized our field inspection capabilities and workflow.

Kudos on a great product from a great company with professional and courteous employees.

Jeffrey A. Dunlap, Building Official

Falls Township purchased the Building Permit version of BS&A. Compared with the program we had before, this one is so much more user-friendly, from the permits to the reports you can do.

When we first received this program a man came in and gave us some training, but it was easy enough to learn on our own. Anything I had trouble with, Bob and Lori were right there to help fix the problem and didn’t hang up until the problem was fixed. The tech support is fabulous.

Falls Township, MI
Mary Jo Westerhold, Permit Clerk
The Dept. of Building Safety & Zoning purchased BS&A's software several years ago. I am pleased with the permitting program and all its additional workings and record keeping options. These many options have saved a great deal of office time and provide a great method of obtaining information needed daily. I appreciate the good support and pleasant staff that helps with resolving all this department's concerns.
Crawford County, MI Dept. Bldg. Safety & Zoning
Joseph J. Duran, Director

Assessing to Permits to Field Inspection... all work in conjunction to provide and share needed information between departments. Each program was created to meet the specific needs of each department, but all of the programs function well together. They are set up in a similar fashion, so you don’t need to be an expert in each program. And they are user friendly! Icons are displayed on the main toolbar for the most common items.

Reports are easy to run and can be customized for each department or for a specific request. Reports can be custom saved for regular reports, or you can easily create a report from scratch. There are limitless possibilities for tracking, recordkeeping, and accounting.

We use BS&A Software for all of our property records and property information. No more paper files! We track and record information for Code Enforcement, Permits, Rental Housing, and CDBG programs, all in one location. And everyone has access to the same information, right at their fingertips.

Converting from our other inspection software to BS&A was easy and intuitive. Things are clearly placed and menus are easy to access. There are many ways to search for an address, an owner, or a name record in the system. There are many ways to attach documents, letters, and photos for a complete property history at your fingertips. And with the ability to make any letter into a template letter, it eliminates saving hundreds of sample letters on your computer. Anyone in the office can access the template letters and send a letter.

Trainings that we have experienced with BS&A staff have been well planned and concise. Questions are answered thoroughly and staff takes the time to make sure you understand the answer before continuing to the next topic.

Tricia Dreier, Housing / Zoning / Code Enforcement Inspector

As the Zoning Enforcement Official and the Building Inspector for Clark Township, I have been using the BS&A software program for my work.

I have been very appreciative of their support and help on many occasions. They have never failed to fix the problem, or answer the question in a clear and concise manner. There have been times when I had to leave a message and request a call back, and they have never failed to return my call and resolve the “issues”.

I am old enough to remember good ‘ole fashioned customer service, a lost art with many of today’s companies. I can think of one word to describe BS&A Software’s customer service, and our working relationship……EXCELLENT!!

Ken Waybrant

Lori and Bob truly have a solid handle of the software program. They are patient, forthcoming with forward thinking information, excellent communicators, and always friendly (sure makes it a pleasant experience when the frustration level is high on the other end of the phone help line).

I must repeat the terrific customer service Lori and Bob provide on the BS&A telephone help line. On occasions when my brain goes dead and my ability to maneuver through the system is limited, Lori and Bob always point me in the right direction, help me troubleshoot, and leave me with the ability to complete the task without further assistance.

City of Fraser, MI Building & Code Enforcement
Kelly Ann Dolland, Clerk
BS&A is always very congenial with their tech support. They took my number, and Bob and Lori called back in no time. I can’t say enough about the tech support I have received. They couldn’t be more nice and always fix my problem.
Falls Township, MI
Mary Jo Westerhold, Permit Clerk

BS&A’s customer service and support has been outstanding. When I call the office, someone is available immediately to answer a question. If not available immediately, they respond in a very timely fashion. They are available by e-mail or by phone. The staff is well trained and has been able to answer my questions right away or get back to me with an answer in a very short time period. If there is additional information that I need (like a specific report or program function) the staff works diligently to meet all of my needs right away. They are a pleasure to work with.

Everyone has been very nice and supportive with the big questions and the little stuff, too. I enjoy working with the staff.

Tricia Dreier, Housing / Zoning / Code Enforcement Inspector
When I think of BS&A, the first thing I think of is their customer service. I have had very few occasions when I have needed their help, as the BS&A program and training are so good. The few times I have needed help they have always been courteous, helpful, and very prompt. BS&A is not like some of the horror stories I had heard in the past, where you go back and forth between whether it’s a hardware or software issue, and never get help resolving the issue. They help you get the issues resolved.
Oceana County, MI
Oceana County Building Department
Availability, knowledge, and personality are keys to my definition of customer service. The staff at BS&A are always available and willing to help. A simple phone call or email is immediately answered, and the friendly staff is quick to provide help for any problem. With Remote Assistance, the staff can walk me through a process without me even having to leave my office.
Tanya Avery, BZA Assistant (Building, Zoning, and Assessing Assistant)
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The tax support team has always been quick to react to problems as they occur. I would say that your tax support is one of the reasons that your software has been so successful. Customer service is a huge selling point when purchasing software.
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