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In our opinion the two most beneficial changes with the Assessing.Net is the integration of Apex and Equalizer and the mapping feature. The mapping feature has given us the ability to create custom maps for field work and sales studies without having to buy another software program and streamlined the map making process.

The integration of Apex with BS&A has made our time in the field more efficient because any change made to the sketch is automatically linked to the pricing. As any employee we are always trying to find ways to become more efficient and BS&A has definitely helped us be more efficient in our work.

Amy Jenema and Dawn Plude, Assessors at 9 municipalities in Antrim & Grand Traverse County, MI

My business partner and I are assessors for several rural communities in Northern Michigan and have used BSA since 1996. We started with the Dos Version which in and of itself was a huge benefit for the valuing of property for tax purposes. As time has past and the evolution of computers, BSA has grown with it. We are now using the .Net version and the interfacing of the tax and assessing is invaluable to our productivity not only in the field but in the office.

The BS&A support team delivers service beyond our expectations by continuing to advance their support services. We have utilized all aspects of the BS&A support team; phone support, email support and our favorite remote assistance. With demanding schedules BS&A has always fulfilled our support needs in a timely and gracious manner. We could not ask for more out of a support team

Amy Jenema and Dawn Plude, Assessors at 9 municipalities in Antrim & Grand Traverse County, MI

Comparing BS&A software to our former software, it is so easy to update the software to quickly take advantage of the new enhancements the will improve the service that we provide to our taxpayers. With our other software all users would need to out of the applications before the update could be applied, now with a couple clicks of the mouse the software is updated.

Since the Township has been a customer of BS&A Software we have had excellent service, e-mails or telephone calls are normally returned within one hour or for sure on the same day as the request.

Donna Leitermann, Treasurer

The technical support is the best of any software that I have ever used.

I have been using the BS&A Assessing software since 1997. Since that time BS&A has written software that allows instant assessing information updates to the BS&A Building Inspection and Treasurers software. BS&A listens to the customer, they are quick to add reports and information to the software to make it more cost effective for the customer.

Daniel W. Darland, Assessor
BS&A’s customer service is outstanding! I almost always have to have someone call me back and I’ve never had someone NOT call me back in a reasonable amount of time. Occasionally, support will have trouble answering my question or fixing the software problem and they ask if they can call me back after they discuss it with another support staff member. I have ALWAYS gotten an answer and/or a status update by the end of that day.
Bath Township, MI
Bath Township Treasurer
To be able to talk with someone at a moment’s notice with the ability of support team logging on to our data to discover the problem is extremely helpful. All the staff is very professional and helpful.
Cheryl O’Connor, Equalization Director

I have always received prompt call back on any question or problem. Staff personnel are very knowledgeable and are very courteous when answering.

BSA is a cut above and always striving to improve software. All new State mandates are promptly implemented and well tested so there aren’t implementation problems.

Debbie Obrecht, Treasurer
BS&A support is amazing. When we call the support staff they make you feel like part of a team trying to solve a problem. They answer most questions on the spot. If needed, they can remotely log onto our computers to see what we see. I’m sure there are other companies that can get the assessing job done. We like the software, but honestly there is probably software out there that can basically imitate what BS&A does. While there may be companies that can duplicate the software, I am sure there are not companies that can duplicate the staff. Every time we call, we feel appreciated and welcome. Better yet, our concerns always get addressed.
CSZ Services, MI
Chuck Zemla, Assessor, Multiple Units

Before we switched to BS&A, our program would shut down at 6pm, and reporting was available the next day or so. Now, we can work when our schedule allows and the reporting is always at our fingertips. The support system is great and the support staff analyzes your questions and concerns and if changes are warranted, they make changes to the system. Treasurers who use this system are listened to and respected for their input.

Hats off to the support system that you have in place to answer our questions. You don’t make us feel dumb and no question is a stupid question. Everyone I have dealt with has showed me nothing but respect and they are very knowledgeable, even though we do try to stump them sometimes! The on line live data base has saved us countless phone calls and inquiries.

Thanks you for everything you do for us and I would recommend that everyone look into purchasing BS&A. They won’t be sorry!!

Carol Houseman, Treasurer

I don’t even know where to begin. First and foremost is the support. It doesn’t matter if it is a silly question or a serious bug all calls and emails are responded to a very timely manner and the issues are always resolved very quickly. The program is easy to keep updated and the update descriptions are very concise and easy to understand. The program is easy to use and the uses and abilities of the program continue to amaze me. I can’t imagine doing the job without it.

No other word than fantastic can describe the support team! They always do what it takes to either fix the issue in a very prompt fashion and they never make you feel bad about calling for even the simplest of things.

Laurie A. Ludlow, Assessor
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When I took office for the City of Rochester in January 2012, I quickly realized that we needed to look at some systemic changes to improve the efficiency of our processes.  I began looking at multiple financial software packages and I kept coming back to one…BS&A Software.  I made contact with the referrals and learned that the program was extremely popular.  I scheduled an onsite demonstration for my staff and we were quickly sold on its functionality and versatility.  Having a background in Information Technolo...

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Shoda Beehler, Clerk-Treasurer

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