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Event Information:
Wednesday, January 24, 2018
9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m
BSA Software Training Center

Cost: No Charge

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding multiple“MVP Migration Informational Meetings.” These meetings and agenda are specifically designed for our Assessing customers and will discuss the transition to the new MVP pricing methodology (to be first used for the 2019 assessment roll). After a demonstration of the software changes and a discussion of the ramifications, light snacks and refreshments with be served.


Discussion of Marshall & Swift’s MVP Integration Tool
o   What is MVP?
o   BS&A is no longer in charge of the calculation process(in most cases).
o   Instead, BSA passes building characteristics to the Marshall & Swift MVP Software Tool and the tool calculates the value of the building.
o   All Assessing vendors in the state of Michigan are required to use MVP for the 2019 assessment years and later.

MVP Pricing Data will require increased storage space
o   Pricing data associated with the Marshall & Swift MVP Software Pricing Tool resides in SQL Tables and will require 4 Gigabytes of extra disk storage.
o   It is very important that our Assessing customers prepare their hardware in advance of Spring 2018 so they can accommodate the extra hard disk requirements.

BSA is required to interface with MVP through a Web Service
o   The installation for this Web Service is more complex than a standard software installation.
o    Initially, BSA personnel will be actively involved in the installation of the MVP Web Service and corresponding Pricing Data.

We have added a new “Calculate” Button
o   The MVP tool stores both national pricing data and local pricing data in an SQL database for later interrogation and retrieval.
o   In the past, we recalculated a building whenever a component of the building changed.
o   Now, users will press a “Calculate” button to begin the process of pricing a building.

MVP Software Tool Rates are Approximations
o   Valuations calculated by hand using the latest Michigan Cost manual will not exactly match the valuations calculated by the BSA/MVP system.

 After MVP Migration Process, Assessors will need to visit and modify a number of parcels
o   The parameters defined by the MVP tool result in areas of the program that can no longer be calculated using old methods.

·         Concerns/Questions
There is no charge. Refreshments/light snacks will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there.

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