BS&A Internship Program- Proving to be a Success

In the spring of 2011, BS&A began the company’s first internship program. We started the program in hopes of acquiring qualified college students to come in, learn about the company, and take on the same training and responsibilities as our full-time Support Technicians.

The program quickly took off, and we had some very qualified students working with us and splitting their time between school and working in the Support Department. We didn’t want to bring in interns to do busy work; instead, we wanted them to learn the applications and support methods, and have real-life interactions with our customers.

Over time, our internship program continues to prove to be a success. Through the program, we have been able to find qualified candidates for hire upon graduation, and individuals who have been easy to transition to full-time status because of the knowledge and experience they gained during their internship.

Our interns have become extremely important to the company overall—helping our Support Department grow and allowing for continued prompt response times for our customers. As of 2013, we have four student interns and three advanced interns working between the Financial Management Support Department and our Quality Assurance Department. Four of our interns at various stages of the cycle have shared their stories and experiences during their time as a BS&A Intern:

Ryan Klein
Began his internship: September, 2011
Hired in as a full-time employee: May, 2012

I was hired as a student intern during my senior year of college. The experience allowed me to witness a growing and evolving company first-hand. BS&A was open about its direction, about any changes being made, and about how I fit with those changes, each step of the way. From the start, I was told that the internship was meant to be a reciprocal process, where they would get to see how I worked and contributed to the company, and I would get to experience the company’s environment and processes.

I accepted a full-time job following graduation and have been a full-time employee for a little over a year. When considering the full-time offer, it was easy to pull back from the internship experience—and the highlights from the internship made it an easy decision. A couple of the largest factors I considered when making my decision, were the people and the potential opportunities. The employees at BS&A truly wanted me to succeed and that was evident in their actions each day of my internship. BS&A still continues to grow rapidly, and because of that, the opportunities are endless. Many internships, in my experience, involve menial, ‘busy’ work; however, at BS&A, to an extent, you’re guiding your own path. No one will try to pigeonhole you in a role; your hard work will determine what your ceiling is here. If you’re looking for a different, challenging experience out of an internship, I would highly recommend considering what BS&A has to offer.

Zach Earegood
Began his internship: November, 2012
Hired in as a full-time employee: February, 2013

While my time spent as an intern at BS&A was my first “internship”, it was not my first job. I had other jobs all through college, but none have given me the type of well-rounded experience that I gained from the Financial Management internship at BS&A. It was a perfect culmination of what I learned throughout my college career. I often found myself looking back at many key things I learned, and was able to apply them daily.

There were three things that helped me learn the most during my internship: projects, user group meetings, and on-site training. The first project I worked on was researching state withholding rate changes. This project helped me gain perspective on how widespread our customer base is and how different each state’s tax is calculated. The second project I worked on was creating a new W-2 format to help our customers when figuring out what envelopes match with the formats we have in the system. Overall, these projects allowed me to really dig into the programs and understand how important foresight is within this industry.

The next thing that really helped me gain experience was the onsite training. One was with Mary Beutell at Spaulding Township, and the other was with Preston Weber at Huron County. They both aided in my understanding of the structure and processes of municipalities—knowledge that has allowed me to better support our customers.

Finally, the user group meetings were a great way to hear how our customers interact with the software. They also showed me how important the customer’s feedback is to the growth of any company.

Overall, my internship was an amazing learning experience and a great way to apply everything I learned in college. The combination of projects that I got to see from start to finish, and working directly with customers really made the internship worthwhile.

Austin Pline
Began his internship: November, 2012
When I was offered an internship at BS&A, I was really excited. The research and comments that I heard about this place were all positive, and that is exactly how I felt on my first day and each day, for that matter. There is a welcoming feeling when you first walk in. Even the partners take time out of their day to come and talk with you. What I like most about working here is the co-workers and family atmosphere. Everyone is here to help and answer questions in any way that they can. No one is too busy to lend a helping hand, even for the smallest of problems. The managers do a great job of keeping us on track for goals and milestones, as well as giving out a lot of praise to make sure you feel like you are making a difference each and every day…which is the reason why I come in. Every day offers a new challenge and no two days are alike. Customers vary, as well as their problems, and making them happy makes going to work a lot of fun!

Dominic Schneider
Began his internship: May, 2013

I have been an intern at BS&A since May of 2013, and so far I love everything about it. I love coming into a work atmosphere that has such positive and hardworking people. While I have only been here a short time, everyone embraces me like I am just as important as anyone else. It is also nice to know that you are appreciated for your hard work. The programs are a lot to learn right away, but if you have any questions at all, you know you can ask anyone and they will try their hardest to help you get the right answer as soon as possible. What I like most about being an intern at BS&A is that they let you decide which way you want to go, what you want to learn, and someone is always there to help when needed. My thoughts on the internship program are that it is a great way for the employer and the employee to feel each other out. It allows both parties to see what is right for them, and essentially both can decide if it’s a good fit.

Sheri Trotter