BS&A’s New Community Site

On March 1st, BS&A eagerly launched our first online customer forum: the BS&A Community. The new community is hosted by our business partner, Get Satisfaction, and enables members to post discussions and read and respond to posts made by other members.

Unlike a blog, which is usually written by one user, an internet forum like the BS&A Community allows all members to create posts and start new topics. The new community site not only enables you to interact with our BS&A support staff, but encourages communication with other BS&A municipalities as well. Our overall goal for the site is to help us build better, stronger, and lasting relationships with our current customer base.

Throughout the site, you are able to ask questions, answer questions, and share ideas, and our BS&A support staff oversees the community to ensure quality answers and proper feedback is provided. There is also an area on the right-hand side of the community home page to allow easy access to other important BS&A sites, such as our BS&A website and a shortcut to our support contact page.

The BS&A Community can be accessed through any of the BS&A applications by selecting the “BS&A Online Community” option, located under the Help menu. You may also notice a new icon next to the update globe at the bottom right corner of the program screen:  This button can be used to enter the community as well.

To help make the community site immediately useful, our support staff has provided Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The FAQs were developed based on questions our support staff receives regularly. You can find the list of FAQs for each program by clicking on the product link in the lower right section of the main community page.

As the community grows, there will be additional topics posted by customers and support staff. Customers and BS&A support staff alike will be able to provide assistance and carry on conversations in the community, all of which will help us better engage our users.

At BS&A, we are always interested in hearing how we can better accommodate you to fully meet your needs. The Share an idea section of the site will assist us in staying in-tune with your requests, and allow us to better prioritize our development schedules. We will be able to use this section to determine the areas in which we can improve, and apply these ideas to ensure we continue to have satisfied customers. We are confident that this community site will be another way for us to provide outstanding support and strengthen relationships with all of our customers.

BS&A will continue, as always, to provide the exceptional phone and email support to which you are accustomed. Our staff looks forward to interacting with all of our customers on the new site and can’t wait to hear your questions and comments!

Stefanie Turner