New Features/Legislative Updates to Legacy Pervasive Software Applications

To All BS&A customers currently using our Pervasive Software Applications:

BS&A has always been committed to bringing our customers the latest in robust technology and usable software functionality. In late 2008, we released our completely rewritten software applications using a modern software language (C# and the .NET Framework) and a modern database engine (Microsoft’s SQL Database Engine).

We originally chose to rewrite our applications from scratch because there were multiple features that were substantially more difficult, or even impossible to create, within the restrictions of the programming language and database engine utilized by our legacy Pervasive products. Since the introduction of our .NET applications, we have been able to significantly enhance the capabilities and reliability of our software.

However, with more than 85% of our customers now using our .NET products, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain two distinct sets of applications going forward.

Additionally, the Michigan State Tax Commission is currently working closely with Marshall & Swift (a California company specializing in providing up to date building cost data) to create a new cost manual for Assessors in the state of Michigan. This new cost manual is slated to be released to the State of Michigan (and BS&A) by November of 2015 (assuming there are no delays). Once the cost manual is released in November of 2015, our software developers will be working hard to incorporate the new cost manual into our software.

Integrating a new cost manual into our Assessing application is a very difficult and onerous process. It will require a significant amount of configuration, software development, testing, and quality assurance to successfully complete the work.
Because of the aforementioned issues, we have made the difficult decision to cease development of all new features and legislative changes to our legacy Pervasive applications.

We will, however, continue to provide customer support for Pervasive applications for the foreseeable future, via telephone and email.

We strongly encourage you to upgrade to our .NET applications going forward.

Rest assured that we at BS&A continue to value the best interests of our customers, and will continue to provide telephone and email support for the Pervasive applications until all remaining customers have upgraded to .NET.

To begin the process of upgrading to our .NET applications, please contact us at 1-888-BSA-SOFT or (517) 641-8900, or send us an email at

Tom Szur
CEO, BS&A Software